Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Holy cow! I'm back in New Orleans 14 countries later (since my last blog entry) and in the ungodly midst of creating a startup company. Who knew? Web design, tech support, graphic design and any and everything accompanying and in between. Whoof! If my cohorts here in the Easy don't continue to ply me with beer and vodka I might, just might, make a go of it.

I'm taking advantage of good ole free geocities to build a website for dummies at I've determined that at the going rates in New Orleans, if I take on 5 new websites each and every week there's a very slender possibility that I won't sleep on the sidewalk and I will eat at least 1/2 loaf of bread every day.

I'll upload a few 'drawings' that I've done from photographs and will update with my favorite places and people in the weeks to come. Pop back now and then to take a peek.


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