Sunday, April 30, 2006

hmmm. if you haven't read this one lately, curl up ....


sh-bop bop doo wa went the finger-snappin boy
curious bout the fine fine place that let him
creep, let him crawl let him do his twistin dance

snap de dum dum strong fine fingers did
their shadow puppets, curious bout the
hammer flat raffin chords his ole daddy

stole when he was a boppin be-boppin lad
layin the land, makin the 2-step, showin
spectaculars to the audience, curtain-callin

his exits, bringin down the house-husband
cheers bravos mores ain't-he-somethins
curious bout that son-a-bitch but muggin

to the suckers, takin dimes from the cousins
was a day behind the times, cause he was
curious bout the flow, flimmin flammin

didn't put the cherries in his bowl, pucker up
his velvet lips for kiss-em-quicks, butter
'n honey tongue for casual speculations

he was a master commander fireman chief
engine-man, chubby checkerin in this fine
fine place that gave notice, counted the applause

slowed it til it beat his heart, ooh ooh ah
only chorus boys go toe-to-toe, wrap the
world in key of g, oh how he was curious


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