Sunday, April 09, 2006

when i'm young

tomorrow i'll be young, again, fluid lithe imaginary
short rapid shadows on the window, derisive and harsh
beardlessly iconic and wrapped in blue cotton denim

a siren, again, pubescent scented, an anxious and fallow
field, again, summer-faced down in dallier's lane, bare
footed, bare necked, the sweat of remembrance beneath

your sheets, the salt crusting on your lips, i'll be rinsed
away into the sea, ebbing tequila drops burrowed into
your tongue, asleep unseen beside your heart

and so you'll follow me, tomorrow, somewhere i can
magick you, draw life from you, succumb bewitched
an incubus spare bleak in stark ochres, unsorcelled

so i will dance that phoenix rumba gig in a butchy
boy finale, spinning dementing and when you love
me, my breathing's done, dissipated, when i'm young


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