Tuesday, June 27, 2006

locking heaven's gates

he was a creeping, a crawling, fabulation that pranced behind
his shadow, that caterwauled, bamboozled and shuckstered
in around and down town to the v a hall where fancy fopsters

bangled, was a shim sham man, dealing three-penny poker hands
a floozie-fella, sequinated, pearled, lacquered and tossing
powders on the doilies, selling tie-dyed pasties to our blue-haired

gals, was a glimmer-boy, a green eyed wonder who left his passion
where his momma never spied, who oohed, then aahed, then
did his little leap cavort sro fabulous and certifiably broadwellian

extravaganza, was a jamming pounding aortal slice between the
sheets, who left 'em rolling, left 'em leaving their salvation in the
aisles, was this stealer boy, this dervish bourbon vodka shake don't

stir, he was, a raging preacher man, come casting down, come
making whispers, making smooches in sweet armanis, and he
played a little ditty, and he laid me down to sleep, locking heaven's



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