Saturday, September 09, 2006

toes bare

when did i lie, yesterday night, pushing
my toes bare on that gravelly wall
zagged with a calligraphy of darkly webs

i was found out, maybe unclothed, maybe
dancing in my ill-rhythmed samba, maybe
eyes closed beneath the stairs, badly hidden

waiting, but i am ever awkward in my
waiting, an erratic fumbler of buttons,
tasting of tongue marks, poorly timed bruises

where did i grow graceless, little flutters of
puccini-clefs, or was i even unawakened,
a ragged quick-be-done, left in failing twilight

but where did i lie, impatiently used,
randomly and quixotically trifled, tat-tat-tattered
a bothersome lisp for a schoolyard bully

and where goes the sun, little humbler, little
famous braggart, when your hungry face
has found its full, its satiated place

or i am forgot, loose fondled jollies
an ageing siren, lost in his famous song
toe prints on a zagged gravelly wall


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