Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the ballad of a jolly lad

come meet me on the railroad tracks, down camden yard way,
in the place i killed your father, where i left him for the neighbor
dogs, then drank his warm tequila, and sang my merry song

i've been a jolly lad, since that summer day, and put my flowers
by your bed, cause you've promised me your kisses, and i've
saved some joyful hours just to see your careless smile, come

meet with me, i've a basket full of wine and chocolate, autumn
pears and berries from the spring, we can make a dance, cause
the rains have washed the ground and his blood bleached down

to white, his rumors fled out into the night, so lay your head, here,
here beside me, find your comforts where you may, and you can
feel my warm embraces, i've surprises for your longing, for this

dandy end of day


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