Thursday, October 19, 2006

between heaven and the sea

i'm walking down mexico way, kicking rocks on this silly road,
pondering all the whoopees, and i'll be making time with gringos
serving tequila with my eggs and ham, cause i've made my day

in u s of a, jabbered with my daddy til he showed me to the door,
though i'd helped him move his lady friend from his momma's
kitchen floor, wished i'd always be his pridesome boy, but the

world, it moves with strangely steps, hardly ever from here to
there, it goes in weary ambulations, sometimes skipping like a
girl, but andy's gone awarring, jessie's in the pen, and i'm walking

down to where the margaritas bloom, they write cervesa on the wall,
maybe find an old jalopy, rusty yellow's quite the best, and i'll
toss the top in abilene, take a retread just in case, put some mad dog

in the cooler, colt 45 on ice, you know the law, it looks unkindly, on
the deeds i've left behind, but i'm a goodly boy, know all sweet
jesus' prayers, even learned some catechism at that catholic fella's

knee, and here i am, making fancy steps alongside highway number
one, going where the night just might sit easy, praising truckers, and
salty songs, on their cb radios, caught in my daytime dreaming

between heaven and the sea


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