Friday, November 10, 2006

old man

old man, are you on my side? this road lies unmarked on
all your ancient maps, gives up directions a-twisted, and
i've got my horn, steel that takes my air, i can blast some

tunes to break their hearing; old man, must i carry you,
full with bitters, wracked with devious tears, down to
the river where you can wash away what the waters

may allow, and you've taught this game to idle fellows,
wanting war's old gamble, wanting some simple violences,
now are you on my side? wobbling with your pretension

thinking i will carry your reek, pass it on to the world
we see; wearied though you find me, i'm no blushing boy
making haunts into homely day, and no, i don't give you

mockeries, but give you fate's caprice and, perhaps,
the chance that comes with a day's hard close, but we
still need shelter, for i can not spot true north, no

shadows point our way, are we helpless, old man?
armors rust, swords can go unsharped, at the end
sight will fail, limbs weak in the grasp of memory

old man, are you on my side?


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