Sunday, December 31, 2006

no more

are you still making dreams
for the sorrowed up fellas down the way
finding sleep on some dusted earth
burning broken trees to ward off

if i could wake the old women
bring their prayers to day
but some things are meant to pass away
like the sons that followed weary
gone roaming and sorrowing

i would make this earth whole
would bring the seas to halt
bring back the dead gone early
heal hearts turned raw in grief
but i too bear the wounds of love

i once knew the way of return
yet somehow it's gone lost to me
my steps are vanished
the ground holds no memory
am i fled down some ghostey path?

are you still making shadows
standing lone in the field of sun
wary gainst the night approaching
sowing cautions for the children
some lonely oracle unheard

we've had no peace in these days of steel
i'm battered by the unsane wails
and hold no remedies or medicines
for the sickness come with stealth
when will you let me end?

some men can only count the breaths
they're given so very few
some men can face a champion
with some glimmer to prevail
some men

i cannot wield a spear or sword
have not the strength or solid will
not meant for a sorcerer's fodder
to rally battles in choked black air
will ring no hero's trumpet

look for me down the lane
sitting with the sorrowed up fellas
maybe passing whiskeys round a fire
we've let this day pass
it will come no more

no more


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