Friday, March 23, 2007

Are you lost? Have you stumbled here by chance or design? You are exactly where you should be. And that should give you comfort. Below is a morning offering and tonight . . . reviews! So in answer to your . . .


you've been praying for me
i can feel it in the clouds
i can see it in the summer fog
but i can't hear a prayer
cause words don't find their way

i'm gone walking
on this old brown grass
stones don't cut or break
these country feet
got a whistle for the jaybirds
a few mutters heavy
down with secrets

tears don't come with
magicks, or make me tall
and proper
and prayers just aren't
what they used to be
sunset finds me causing
with the old gents
sparkling whiskey like the dew
i'm full up with

the hills don't seem so old
and give me jolly conversation
we don't need to whisper
where the dogs are yapping
and the moon can hide
what time has done
i can remember fingers
soft as jasmine
wrapped inside my hand
another day

there's a few steps left
in the path i've chosen
they'll get me where i need to be
a place that i can sit
and while some hours
bring a tune that slipped away
prayers are for a father
and a son
when spring still makes her promise
winter is my lover


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