Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A call for your input . . . please

You know my favorite series by now, faithful ones. But I don't know yours. Let's disregard ratings and critical reviews. Let's also disregard spousal influence, boyfriends, woman friends and moms. We don't care what talking heads or observers might have to say. Let me know what you consider the best television has to offer.

I'll start the process with a few of my choices: Regenesis, Life on Mars, Heroes, Dexter (yes, there will be a season 2), Torchwood (yes, renewed as well) - just to start the ball rolling. When I get enough suggestions/votes I'll post results.

You can also suggest second-tier work like Eureka (yippee, another season is filming).

So put your usual reticence aside and drop me a note. Everything will be kept confidential if that's your desire. I'm all about desire.


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