Friday, June 01, 2007

little confusion

confusion, come sleep here
but quietly, and leave me some cover
cause i've done this poorly
tight and curled

and there's some corner
of my pillow, smooth, untaken
it doesn't sing to me
it lies full up for dreaming

all this nightsome quiet
heaving darkly on my window
if i make my mutters
they're not for you

how can i lose so much
just hiding in a bed
holding the airs fisted
ready for this fight

let's settle with our whiskeys
warm and sweetly gold
dolloped in old laughing
famous long ago

let's chase it with hot water
sprung without any asking
loosed in miserly drops
watching 4 o'clock

maybe goes another dawn
maybe it's gone hoarded
and i won't have it
my little confusion


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