Monday, December 24, 2007

the long but not drawn noel, no. 2

i'm gone long, drawn out like sheepdog running
just a lopsided and bluesy boy, maybe shouts
when the night gets long, do i

got still some hopscotch, do i, and make scratch
jenny, or she is suzy, surely a bit of laughing
lady, ready for her romp

sling this new day, quilty all of older stuffs
cause when she wears old jasmine oils
blinds me sure enough, do i

if you're thinking, lazy long and old man thoughts
you will be hankered there, sure for hours
grumpy and tapping feet

i got some flying in me, do i, and blow over
all that ocean, leap the slips of water, just to
blink sweet sally's way

prayerful fella, wink there to the sun's down
and we can heist your uncle's dimes, scoop
those heavy nickels to a tune

jabber fella, i'm long here by your aunty's chair
long for that warm and gentle chair, do i, where
it's dark and knows best

i feel the marvel, do i


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