Monday, June 30, 2008

life, no. 1

sittin' with that old man, causing bout the day
laughin' at the lies we've told
that is a joyous juice he makes,
swirlin' brown and smoky, snakey
with a sting

i got two brown feet, tired from
runnin', good for just the two-step
and a lazy eye for nights gone dark
may be you've seen me, chasin' flies
out in the garden, lightnin' in the

yes, lawdy, i'm out sittin' with the old
man, but we've no hymns down in
our chests, we've no blessin's, no
i dance the blues, up in my window
where the yellow sun has bent some

oh, i'm ghostin' with my momma, as
her rocker keeps its time, hear her
cryin' when the moon's fell by, hear
her stories, little sadness, raisin cookies
make me smile

ain't life dandy, hard as funerals
soft as wakes and irish tunes
lads gone off to find their war
ain't life simple, but hard as kisses
and gettin' old


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