Saturday, December 31, 2005

Learn Antrasi in 111 Simple Lessons

Lush, friendly and ecologically economical Goa will be the site of your Antrasi hyper-intensive course. We guarantee that no vestige of your native language will remain when you've completed our amazing and life-reorienting, facilitated learning environment. You will be ready to enter the Antrasi social and business strata with the ease and skills needed to succeed.

Bring nothing. All will be provided. From your clothes to your personal scent enhancers; from your dental products to your new and expanded empathic meta-conciousness. We have a success rate unparalleled and unrivaled in scope, depth and, of course, cost.

5 square miles of tranquility enhanced by a defensive perimeter maintained by former special ops units from the world's elite militaries. Our defensive missile system is upgraded yearly and is backed by our own proprietary geo-stationary satellite. Further ease of mind can be enhanced by pharmaceutical products tailored to meet your dreams and aspirations.

Our very special and close ties to the local government and infrastructure are key to your success and enjoyment. We can understand and protect your personal proclivities. And all of this at a cost generated by your own circumstances. So don't wait. Don't hesitate. Your new life is here, waiting. Personal jet and helicopter maintenance at no extra cost.

By the Bay, yet again.


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