Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Knowin Forward

I was ponderin, sittin by the kitchen bowls. Some up, some down. Waitin for the dust to stop its flyin. It's where I sat, lookin for the evenin start. Ready for the sun to settle. Then I wouldn't mind if I took to dancin, thinkin yesterday's. I couldna see my face in the garden window, but that's alright. I was twixt n tween.

I was sittin lone, where I always sat. Owlish, I was. Aperched on my daddy's stool, made for evenin watchin. Ponderin. Maybe bout the cherry tree, maybe not.

Then my feet took to their ways and I was here, around, skimmin like an old stoled dream. You can't go against your ways when the sun's a'settin. They might take you out against the garden walls. Out into the sleepin times. A softer place there never was. Fit n ready.

Old man sun was a'shakin me. Hollerin: "Get up, get up, silly fella! Sleepin by the garden wall just like your daddy." But first is first, and I was wonderin - where was that old cherry tree? I seem to remember those sweet n red n juicy cherries just jumpin in my mouth. But a twig's all I see, so what a mornin this'll be. Breakfast'll be hard 'nless I move. No bread a'bakin, milk a'callin.

So I ran, I did, into my daddy's room - wonderin what I'd find. And by fiddle dee and fiddle dum, there he was, cradled in my granny's arms. Small n tender, sleepin to her sleepin song. She hushed me proper, did sweet granny. Knowin forward, as she would do. Seein me yesterday n seein me tomorrow. But I were gone today.

By the Bay


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