Wednesday, July 05, 2006


are you afraid, when he breathes your breath, your very own
and takes your dreaming, enwraps your night song somewhere
in the dark,

am i afraid, fancy with my whisky bruises, a truly foppish
delight, wearied in my old bed's shadows, lying neath some
romeo whispers,

catching pasty gossip, waiting for the magpie wails to close
my day, am i afraid, a dancer, a merengue bit of puff, tossing
carnations to the band,

am i the golden boy, a jealous banshee that wrecks your father's
joy, a prancing liar, a conceit in his heart's delusion, am i your slavish

or a simple fox-trot fol-de-rol, a 3am concoction in a yellow t-bird,
a whoopee-lad with a summer's ditty, am i afraid, sitting neath the stairs,
waiting for the night


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