Saturday, September 16, 2006

lost, riff #6

jason kisses tango sweet, and makes a twisty step at 4am, makes
a whispered-up confession from some tuesday dally, then does his
little aria from romeo, drinks his pinot dry, waiting for the summered

morning, and i lost him at the dawn, could not remember his salty
lips, forgot his silly gossips, and sat awonder at a face all strangered up
with oddness, speaking with a magicked rhyme that left me in a

quieted confusion, and why is there coffee strong and bourboned,
chattering by my bed, why do i smell my daddy's biscuits while he
sings sweet granny's song, and i lost him when i heard the jolly

neighbor lad, sitting with my jasmine, waiting for my window to
call his silly grin, and i lost him when his green eyes changed to
blue, sleeping down my sunday sassies, but where is that neighbor



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty words.

10:37 AM  

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