Friday, October 20, 2006

you've seen me

i've been kissing strangers, in the empty house on Main, but
it's full of cats and memories, smells i can not name, and i
know your momma never goes there, cause your daddy left

some shame, in the room doc eddy painted gold and blue,
papered violets everywhere, so follow me, there's fine
whoopee we can make, i know a corner made for two, i've

spread old quilts from granny's hope chest, cooled a merlot
til it's crisp, got some dandy cheese from that frenchy store,
at 4 bucks to the pound, come jabber me in whispers, leave

your smooches on my neck, i know you love my darkness,
and the shadows where i lie, and i surely can forget your name,
if you'll only ask me to, you've seen me kissing strangers

in the merry month of june


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