Saturday, November 11, 2006

old man, part 2

old man, are you hungry? i've a tune to ease some pain, but
first i need a story, of your travels and your sins, of the glory
gone asquandered, of the fames tossed in the air; did you

love your brother's only girl, give chase to night's desires?
tell me secrets, hoarse with whispers, i can keep your burdens
safe, i'm but a traveler selling magicks, tricks for your delight

cards to bind your fortune, spells of death and life's undoing
but i've an hour to spare for old man tales, watching time betray
us all, whiskeys from the southern mounts, honeys i've

just stole, can you lean a little closer, your breath's all gone
astray, have you a beggar's need for silence, for a seemly
change of shirt? old man, are you hungry? i've some words

you ought to hear, they speak of silly lads gone in the world
howling with a glee, kissing strangers til the dawn, swimming
in the salty sea, gone old with their small tawdries, like

shadows on a wall, so lean a little closer, i've gifts that bear
your name; relief, it is acoming, for a bitter end of game


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