Monday, November 20, 2006

oof! admission: i have a secondary blog, elsewhere. myspace. there, i've said it. and my little 2 liner 'haiku abbreviated' is in the midst of a minor firestorm. it seems my gentle readers have a tendency to ascribe to poetic works the life and beliefs of the writer. much more so than with a more straightforward piece of fiction. but it does amply demonstrate that 'there's fire in them there words'.

crossing legs on the avenue

i've got some chase still gone unused
but first i'll move this chair, it's been
memoried, worn across the back
put into the open air for some plain reason
whiskey might restore its charms
explain the hurts that settled heavy

don't go laughing, i can cross my legs
what a fine place to pontificate, maybe
sell my fine ideas, you're certain agents roam
searching for my piece of mind? ready
cash in hand, praise to lips so full and soft
this has a sloppy charm, close to a laundromat

look in my bag, surely there's a beer half-drunk
not too warm, full of scent, maybe shaken
never stirred, surely there are commendations
for a man who's gone to war, read them loud
this is a neighborhood that can appreciate
a stranger with a scar, for they've given me a chair

i may sell cups of lemonade, competition is a gift
i may sell sacks of poker tips, husbands always seem in need
but first i'll read some hemmingway, there's a poodle
with an ear, come seeking sage advice, of that
he's rather clear, but point him to another tree
than the oak that let's poor shade, what a hard day

and don't go laughing, i am full up with charms,
and i can cross my legs


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