Tuesday, November 14, 2006

annie fair

hurry, hurry, annie, there are dangers everywhere
dangers in the skies above, and in the earth below
can you run a little faster? must your toes fall to the
ground? can't you see the crows are watching,
memorizing all your turns, there's no time for
thoughts, rememberings, no time for silly care
he can feel your ragged breathings, they feed a
hunger for the end; hurry, hurry, annie, he is
no casted suitor, wringing hands and making wail,
he is no dust worn neighbor man, come to help,
if he but can. no, he brings a silence, and an ending
and a pain you'll never bear. he brings a grief
no woman ever sought, no, annie, no, do not think
to smell the air, for it's full of anger's agonies, it's
full of raw despair, it's tortured by the tastes of
of a life beyond repair, so run, annie, run, he
sees the shimmers of your hair, his hand is but
a reach away


annie fair


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