Tuesday, January 23, 2007

mirror, mirror

mirror, mirror
i've come to introduce myself
shades that keep my company
have kept me loopy and beguiled
and i've forgot this fancy face
so let's discard some days
lived in rather strange disrepair
and reacquaint ourselves

am i not a handsome fellow?
is this not a bold and determined chin?
a nose to bring the covet glare of kings?
they must be stole
from strangers that inquired into my health
that may have stopped and gambled
on a guileless country lad
gone walking in the world too wide
and open to a bit of thievery

this face speaks nothing to me
nothing more than idle babble
could it be that i've been caught
been slaked by spirits and possessed
now left beside a darkly chasm
foolish grinning inside a husband
strayed and slaved and filled
by a ghostey passerby

am i a child or man or careless boy?
do i have a lover
sitting by an unlocked door
waiting through the nights
that i've stripped of passion
heard a traveler's journey song
and wandered through a kitchen window
to find whatever brings the day

mirror, mirror
let's have our bit of speaking plain
can you give me some direction
talk this mystery through
what have i done that merits
such deception
how can you disavow a man discarded
bared inside your glassy home
let me sit beside you
i'll wait for any whispers
you can spare

you and i
we're full up in our confusions
talking like a father to a son
am i sinner or confessor
have i flown too near to God
and fallen back rejected
just the subject of cosmic joking
among His angels at their tea
mirror, mirror
am i not a handsome fellow?


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