Monday, January 01, 2007

one more morning

i'm climbing into the darkly streets
is there something i can steal?
are you hiding rare and strange

i need to run til the airs go blur
leave my howling in the outer world
i am a thief with fame and arts
do you believe me?

let's run across the roofs
leap wild and mad through windows
i hear little breathings and smiles

stop waiting for the laughing boys
they won't be strong for you
they won't carry you to their beds

this is a cautionary tale
captured so i can go gifting
if i wrap it neath your bed
will you sleep?

i've bargained one more sunrise
emptied all my pockets
some things should go unpawned
or discarded

but i may have bargained with a trickster
are you sure the sun will rise?
let me sit with my confusions
for a while

stop waiting for the blue-eyed boys
they're never satisfied
they'll give you all their dimes and nickels
then take them back

there must be in this world of ours
a corner made of quiet
old chairs that shelter times gone lost
isn't there?


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