Sunday, March 04, 2007


you have photos,
say we were lovers
did we marry
sometime in your past
did we waltz
across the garden
did i carry you

you have memories
say that i kissed you
brought you flowers
and ice cream
was i a wonderful

you have letters
say that i wrote them
from far places
islands and castles
bringing you presents
wrapped in silver
was i gentle
and true

you have memories
say that i made them
was i handsome
and clever
constant and laughing
show you summer
and joy

am i reflected
in your eyes
your magical suitor
strong and immortal
opening doors
waking you softly
was i your

i seem to remember
a day gone golden
gone misty
and distant
somewhere far away
across an ocean
lost in a valley
protected by magicks
don't i

i seem to remember
i seem to remember


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