Monday, June 04, 2007

for newly made lovers

all the fine young lovers, gone sly
and tasty

hiding when i failed to look
i give a spare kiss, cause you won't
catch me hungry

or watch me pandering, gone
fuddled, bemused nearly,
stringing some old gitar

you said my eyes are deeply puddled
may be you're touched, sillied
found out too long in your misunderstood

i make fetching tunes, just watch
these diddlers shift their feet, toss me
quarters, silver dimes

and i make you fluttery, loose
caught inside a thing full up in

your eyes are bound to my fingers
strumming, idle interlopers, tight upon

aren't they?

your eyes are bound to my lips
and you quiver, dark then light
restless with some lies you've readied

oh i make a strangesome tune
with locks with clamors with little
magicky things

and your eyes are bound to my neck
bent low while i whisper, do a song
your street angelus bare footed

while i inhale all the stuff you're
sure are gifts to me, favors

i give a hard kiss, it's not a new
thing, a special thing, but it's a mystery
to you

you are a
newly made lover


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