Saturday, February 19, 2005

The great diner of Magazine Street - Slim Goodies!! Posted by Hello
I am ... been ... undone
I am ... been ... felled
Yes, been fallen
I am ... been ... unread,
Listening for my father's voice
I am ... unsaid ... been unsaid
I have no remembrance of my father's voice
I have no ... touch of his voice
I am ... been ... uncaressed.

My father is a made-up thing
A spectred, fabuloused thing
A concoction stewed in my undoing
He is an unwinged, casted down
Fellen, unstrung phantasm
Is my father
He is a glamour, a gollem
Breathing ... dust ... that ... haunts ... me
Is my father
I am ... been ... undone.

I am ... been ... tricked
I am been sorcelled
I am been unwoved
Enstrung by foul weavers
Caughted, fraughted, stoled
Yes ... I am been stoled !
Thief - a thief has grabbed and nabbed me
Hid me, put me, stashed me
Undone me and lost me
Throwed me, I was an unworthy steal.

I was ... unworthy
Listening for my father's voice.

Unthought, unlaughed, unsmiled.

It ever was a frail
ghosted by the wind.

I am ... been ... undone
I am been envoided, en-nihiled
Enchasmed, ruptured, fractured
And my father is a made-up thing
Of found, discarded stuff
Grasped, glommed, glismed
Ferocious, fierce, frenzied stuff.

Undone, 2004, Barcelona

Friday, February 18, 2005

Another amazing and surreal 'drawing' of our CC's klatch house.  Posted by Hello
The march toward fame and fortune continues. I'm adding graphic 'art' on a daily basis in the perhaps misguided hope of exhibiting and - gasp! - selling them locally. Egads, am I being swept up in commercialism or just wary of rooflessness. I've become rather attached to a ready availability of food and wine as of late, so there are underlying currents everywhere. I may become a factor for the Kyoto Pact.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Our coffee klatch meeting spot, CC's on Royal Street, New Orleans. Posted by Hello

Yours & friends dinin' in Slim Goodies Diner, New Orleans. Posted by Hello
Holy cow! I'm back in New Orleans 14 countries later (since my last blog entry) and in the ungodly midst of creating a startup company. Who knew? Web design, tech support, graphic design and any and everything accompanying and in between. Whoof! If my cohorts here in the Easy don't continue to ply me with beer and vodka I might, just might, make a go of it.

I'm taking advantage of good ole free geocities to build a website for dummies at I've determined that at the going rates in New Orleans, if I take on 5 new websites each and every week there's a very slender possibility that I won't sleep on the sidewalk and I will eat at least 1/2 loaf of bread every day.

I'll upload a few 'drawings' that I've done from photographs and will update with my favorite places and people in the weeks to come. Pop back now and then to take a peek.
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