Thursday, January 19, 2006

He ran head down, hands protecting his head as stones were thrown from heaven. Again, again, hit, blood running into sweat across his eyes. Pain in his lungs, heart thrashing. A roar all around, hard and raw blasts of lightning pushing him. Searing wind, acrid, dust-filled, howling. Awful wail of angelic song piercing his eardrums, driving deep into his head. Foot jammed, something wrong with his legs, spasms down his calves. Falling. Fallen.

His nose broke as he hit the ground. Cartilege splattered, coarse dirt grinding into his cheek and forehead. Left wrist cracked as he tried to brace the fall. He whispered, "I am undone."

Michael, sitting on His Throne, looked down and whispered in turn, "Indeed."


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