Saturday, October 21, 2006

follow me

you strike my fancy, i've some quarters i can spare, toss
these dimes and idle pennies in the pot, and dawn it is
a-coming, making noises i can not bear, so follow me, to

my momma's house, cause she can hardly hear, we'll stop
at billy's fill-a-sack, get beer and salty chips, slug tequila
shooters, like poor cha-chas down on Grand, so follow me

if you like your shadows rare and tasty, my window's never
locked; i've been dreaming in the sunshine, dancing on
jocko's lawn, and i'm full-up with old longing, that will not

find its way, but first i'll warm last night's tamales, shake
hot salsa from the can, and we may clean up neath the sprinkler,
playing tag between the trees, i'll pick you yellow roses

if you'll only follow me


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