Wednesday, November 22, 2006

are we, or aren't we

without duplicate keys
it becomes difficult
i prefer a california closet
i need the evening's fog
crossword's are for sleeping
or didn't you know?

i found a list in the microwave
another tucked in my calvins
please go take a walk
i'm washing whites and darks

those blue things make me tired
though that's not their clear intention
organic peaches, sub-organic pears
the chapter on balsamic reduction
has left me teary eyed
doesn't the store on first
make keys?

your mother called my mother
what's that all about?
the flight out to the island
leaves at seven, on the dot
perhaps eleven other people
in a house built for two
can't wait

if i eat a bagel in the morning
leave the jelly, leave the jam
leave the butter and the trans fat
dawdling on the shelf
can i find a full length mirror
with a willingness to lie
can i?

it's an ordinary morning
on an ordinary day
divided equally, and unfathomably
operates with a gravity
with the force of legislated law

back to the keys
without a duplicate set
are we, or aren't we?


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