Wednesday, December 06, 2006

be sure to continue reading after this new work. i've another character below for your continued appreciation.

a conversation at the edge

walk the edge, what a stony rough and twisted place
i'm breath held, full up with imaginings, outside caution
ready for my dialog with this coldish sea

so much we need to bark and yammer
that water seems welcome for a long expected visitor
checked by margins of cantankerous inhibition

if its rowdy minor protests can bring some sway
bring a burst of surly assertions
we can have our conversation riped in algae

god i'm gone stilled with all this granite
massive hardness barely cracked by winds
glory seems so close with its fundamental plea

if i can stay face forward my eyes can shut away
the gulls are laughing at this landed man
believing he can make the trip unwinged

hesitation found a home inside my blood
made its plague so long that even ghosts forgot
the why of it befuddled and useless now

all the talking of this place confounds my purpose
it's an arbiter of no great power
i've been ready i've been ready i've been ready


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