Sunday, December 03, 2006

the jelly jar

morning, where is that cup of coffee, you've ever been
a friend, marching up and down with all your gentle noise
let me linger, foot up on a stool, smelling cinammon
and butter, and i've ashes in the jelly jar, labeled
just in case, some days i follow whispers, and they
lead me far astray, some days i sleep up in the dunes
gone flying with the gulls, but i thought the door was yellow
for i painted it myself, it was the day we planted peonies
right up to the gate, the windows need a washing,
how did i chip this plate?

did i see you only yester day, and didn't we once kiss?
but i've ashes in the jelly jar, and a path that i must take,
and have you seen that pup of mine, a terrier by mistake
i have his leash, awound up tight, and he's never missed
a walk. there are steps that have no counting, go back
and forth and on beyond, some endless sad parade.
there should be a jolly marching band, for the task that
binds this day, we'll visit favorite places, sing a maudlin
lover's tune, for i've ashes in the jelly jar

that i've labeled with some care


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