Monday, November 27, 2006


coco eats my raspberries, a fistful at a time
for a collector of pillbox hats, she is a fool
sings f.sinatra in her gray reflection,
begs my smokes, one for now, one for later
how can a woman cross her legs, with such
magnificent indiscretion?
prefers her sushi made from burly boys
wears cha-cha heels to breakfast, somewhere
past 3pm

they love her down in soho, or is it noho?
a star of traveling installations,
plastic seems so very useful, creative
conducive to the veers of arts,
and wallets
wrapped and gartered, pasted, plastered
open to the possibilities of buddha's
advised with soy milk lattes; avec, cher, avec

but silly, naughty, coco eats my raspberries
a fistful at a time


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