Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what is enough?

be careful
you may think that i'm beside you
soft is not enough, you were never
and you enjoy promises
of course
surely, like brie and cognac

there was a time, though hardly
once upon a time
something non-magical
something backward, forward
little pitter-patters of missteps
gave us a bed
and a door

and i kept my shoes nearby
watch in my pocket
a few coins on the table
digital alarms are so very quiet
almost nurturing
you seemed to like brochures

we never went to barcelona
never past the jersey shore
your mother might have seen us
strolling in the City
catch a show seemed always
out of reach
even at half price

and i'd stop to talk to children
sometimes pet a dog
taking time away from you
paying in the end
pouring oil in the old jalopy
seemed fulfilling
gave some peace

yesterday was my birthday
a card or two appeared
sufficient postage for the trip
and now i find
i like my company
i'm cleverer than i know
older than i thought i'd be

i may have kept mementos
somewhere in a drawer
scents do tend to linger
the past seems better than it was
green eyes make me stop
in the middle of the street
and stare


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