Monday, December 04, 2006

forever no. 2: time

you have been sleeping, little wonder
but now you've gone awake
don't be mindful of this dark

come sit up in the window
let's take a listen to the fog
cause it's a voice i've never heard

don't be wary of that stranger
lying in your bed
it's a moment for small mystery

i've room right here beside me
watching shapes down on my lawn
what is that shimmer in your eye

you know i'm ever careful
hours take their bandit toll
but i can give this time together

are you so caught within our memories
so anxious for the day
i can carry your old troubles

those waters make a seashore
make sweet lines upon the sand
but a line we shouldn't pass

it rolls across with tripping tongue
sounds aplenty full of sense
when they wrap me as they should

tonight speaks softly to me
has come solemn in the air
i can sit here forever

my time runs in its backward steps
ever younger, rare and strong
leave the stranger in your bed

your life grows always shorter
though you never knew it would
you are still fair, the seconds long

questions linger undisturbed
settled in the corners
left scented on the sheets

surely there's some refuge
some shelter, some repair
or am i become your morning's breath

do you still listen, little wonder
to that ghostey song abroad
still wait to hear my call

do you run down to the kitchen
when your feet are cold and bare
when old summer starts to fall

to find my grand commotions
a cup of coffee on the stair
time has been no friend for you

can you hear the voices
calling me away
or i can stay forever


Blogger garnet david said...

hauntingly beautiful. i feel more forgiving after reading it, forgiving of the unfinished sentence.

thank you

5:15 PM  

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