Wednesday, December 13, 2006

funerary wreaths

funerary wreaths are for the taking
lying here, lying there
offerings tossed idly down
where the earth has been undone
ghostey lads have scarce regard
for dying flowers

all this glorious and public mourning
makes my humours quite fatigued
sepulchers must be damp for sleeping
unwholesome spaces lacking
in creature comforts
cleanliness, godliness
where are you now?

but a lover of cold marble
can indulge in seven acts
play ancient oratorios
for an audience enrapt
replete with tears
immodest excess
hardy suburban despair

i find i'm soothed
by these most unsubtle melancholies
a fertile source
for my collection
of plastic devotions
made across the sea
for my nightly intents

wings of angels
hardly chipped
hang from my kitchen ceiling
enjoy securities
in my closets
though i wear them badly
they are unfailing

you can earn an unsought holiday
housing free of costly rent
furnishings with lasting quality
waiting for your quick approval
waiting for the close of gates
quiet neighbors
and funerary wreaths


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