Thursday, December 07, 2006

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eggs and honey

let's go walking, make some wisdom that we can leave
for winsome lads and lasses to retrieve, a signatory
offering of threaded machinations and hilarity

bring seashells to these kansas plains, palms from
macedonia, figs from the isle of crete, such gardens
that our memories are secure into another age

i'll do no more causing with ghosts long broke
let them drift with other foolish steps, let them fly
uncheckered to the christian graves beyond

and while we yammer we can break a path
through all this corn and wholesome air
lay a road of gilded stone edged in fabulosity

let's be done with our collections, with our bits
and shards and scrappy tawdries, my pockets
are fat full up and they slow this journey so

let's be done with spouting poesies, no more rhymes
verses for sopranos, rumblings in a bass or false
contralto, and leave our costumes in the grass

if there's still singing to be done, it's best in some
bluesy syncopation, yester day's not finished
it still knocks with a floozie's bald insist

i'm nearly stiff with all my past carousings,
how did i ever make it here, to this land of bovine
adulation, flowing milk and eggs left for my pluck

oh, i'm done with overripe bemusings, speculations
hardly ever culled, hothouse germinations that
won't grow in the light of nature's day

can we finally sit and count our offerings
are they too ancient in their intentions, too
wearied lying wrapped in my ripe hand

bed me now, let's be done with such a chase
as would sprout into mythology, too far fetched
for even peddlers of stolen gossips

honey flowing will catch your feet, trip the runner
gone unwary and enamored of a stream so sweet
but the day goes finally ended, and i can only say

bed me now


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