Wednesday, January 31, 2007

modern man

java, bebop, australian wine
yellow hula hoops and polka dot bikinis
sartre filtered through judge judy
but dawn leaves me bedded

notice that my feet are dark
from running through the night
chased, or chasing
we can flip a coin

indecision, improperly dosed
chemical balancers
and dusk leaves me wedded
to my impulses, jumping through windows

when did urban cautionary tales
strike me for a fool
dressed in black, but you'll never
see me mourning

dressed in grey, if i'm caught
out in the summer sun
bent by the glare to count
the spiderwebs of the sidewalk

and i tend with care
my little cemetery
plotted and lined with stones
a fine spot for making gossips

notice that my hands are scarred
i've found that walls are for climbing
they lead to tasty treats
but don't cry out, i'm simply curious

mid day leaves me sitting in my corners
rocking eases anxiety
rum is a universally accepted solution
to life's hoisted delusions

but when the night goes middled
i can sluff off my old man rope
and go running down your street
notice that my feet are dark


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