Monday, January 29, 2007

true love, no. 4

cream of celery soup, a wedding buffet
courses, line dances, confused hellos
confirmations, reservations
hesitations, reservations
quiet hours in the garden
tending violets

father's checkbook is hidden
in its sealskin wrapping
he's a modern man
made from mismanaged funds
smuggled cigarillos
bitter smokes and hidden
encrypted passably literate
his fair son will have no children
as he creases some minor wake

schedules are juggled, gifts
are studied
we need to be aware of the
boundaries of our excesses
china's been registered
with thoughtful young women
trained and bred for such occasions
for these steps we take
will be recorded, analyzed
rerun with critical consideration
the walk and talk
of true love

we'll be chemically balanced
for the bridal parade
for the shower and rehearsal
twittered under the influence
of california wines
whites for the ladies and
reds for the privately schooled
trusts have been funded
secrets passed on
father to son
to dutifully fulfill the requirements
of true love

shocking confessions may be
liberally spewed
angst or anxiety
difficult to say
chaperones have been prudent
in their suburban way
chocolates are hidden in the
usual places
they'll be carefully paired with
imported vodka
colorful bottles in a variety of flavors
not shaken, not stirred, just

just another day
of true love


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