Tuesday, February 20, 2007

let's revisit a recent piece that seemed to be widely misunderstood. maybe a second reading, or a third, may help us with . . .

sad boys

all the sad young boys,
making shuffles
watching old boy fancy steps
counting cars, drinking coffee
getting smooches in the back room
at the annual bazaar
is there ever any drama
in a life gone merely
to the side?

but were they reading hegel
on the corner at 43rd
discussing topics of concern
convolutions that could possibly
leave nietzche quite disturbed
were they purging a superego
catastrophically overurged?
possibilities are not endless
if you're easily misled

oh, these mad young boys
afloat on rusted bicycles
flying like the gulls
hopping through their windows
cadillacs have cash
temptation's fine
it has its benefits
if mothers can keep fathers
in their beds

small feet with arches
command a heady price
jacquard from paris
can't compare
not as soft, not as rare
but a dime can't buy a quarter
except in conditions
quite extreme
what else can be discussed

down on 43rd


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