Friday, February 09, 2007

modern man, no. 4

there are choices to be made,
between the shadow in the dusk
the hymnbook on the second shelf
the iris bent by curious fingers
of autism

circumvented decisions play
to your general disharmony
standing before the counter
faced with nefarious choices
quiche or burrito
noshing with the lactose intolerant
acerbic barrage by vegans

perhaps a picnic on a county field
imported peasant basket
woven some where variously accented
half pictures of hunched women
news worthy indignation
trade pacts float off to the distance
barred by the morose language
dropped from grinning pundits

we can make a splash with our local barista
displaying hard won knowledge
of the world's repertoire of beans
roasting and grinding
brewing and savoring
we can somehow pass the day

alone is alone
profess those who should know
wisdom adrift through the ages
variously acquired in art houses
gallery openings enhanced by fruity chablis
coiffed and draped
sinuous and sensual
we can return it all tomorrow

there are choices to be made
perhaps on a stool in a burmese noodle house
captured in the moment
by a cloud of curry
arrested contemplating
the nuance of chilies
the benefits from garlic

should i simply confine
these speculations, ruminations
to my wednesday 12 step camaraderie
to my thursday morning mantra
joined within the buddy bonding
on a joggers' trail

shots of vodka, iced with lemons
brought at great expense
from corporate retreats
rescue friday night from the mundane
ensure friendships for the ages
living with milk and honey

i am still amazed
by the various permutations
of life


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