Sunday, February 04, 2007

raphael's dilemma

memories, raphael
walk with me, i know a place
where time won't mind our chatter
and i can see you plain and full
count and mark your scars
where you will tell me
all the hows and ways
come twisted into your life

there's a path,
watch my feet and follow
step upon step
we'll jump over shadows
that aren't our own
bundle our words to whisper
that passersby can't steal
and we can work
to make your anger sing

walk with me,
and if the laughter of children
slices quick
i'll bring a spell to mute
and give chase
i want you for my own
free of your confusions
old and wearied they may be
for some few minutes
believe this is your home

memories, raphael
earth bound, sore
don't listen to those spirits
hawking favors
slipping gifts into your pockets
what do you have, now
of any value
that any thief would glimmer
i am the only one
who hears

i know a place,
secured with locks
a shelter far less cold
than heaven
not anxious with thin ethers
or cluttered by the yammering
of angels
safe from mourning
given over to those comforts
special to you

can you trust me, raphael?
i've gone this way before
and we can end this day
lay you down to sleep
there is unfinished dreaming
i've kept if for you, safe
can you trust me


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