Saturday, February 03, 2007

some men

you just walked away,
and i hopped, and scotched
missing cracks, dumbfounded
by the sudden disrepair

jazzman clouds have come
rumbling, impure and rowdy
bluesy concoctions tossed up
toward the end

my every sinew, every bone
is making clamors
pushing my feet to jealous
little shuffles

it leaves me breathing backwards
no one will step forward
to hold this mutilated
love in check

and how i studied every definition
of how a life was meant to be
memorizing that critical list
of allowable emotions

mapped the boundaries
with precision
but i realize, now that i hear
the hard hours of the night

now that i smell
the empty savors of this room
and make this tardy

there are unquiet mysteries
unknowable but in faith
leaving little havocs
in our bed

i was to be the perfect lover
shaping every movement
of our graceful dance
with unordinary rhythm

certain hours can't be contained
in silver frames
captured by the artful use
of cameras

and some men will pass
into the lateness of their day
sitting by a window
absorbed by love


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