Friday, February 02, 2007

dear sarah

dear sarah, wherever this may find you
i've gone away, out into the world
found that promises inked raw
when i was younger than my memory holds
must be unwritten, when the sea lies waiting
and the roses all cut bare
when the garden takes to wild
winter storms fade the kitchen door
photos fall to floor
old shadows won't be chased
webs and dust give quiet mock
to a home gone lost to dream
i've been undone, here at the last
singing those old songs
playing fool to places over stuffed
with you
it's loosed me, unhanded me
simple anger, but most unsimple sorrow
that thing's gone rooted in my soul
where ever this may find you,
all steps are counted
i hear the wind give chatter in the night
some times i think to understand
the earth's own words
so i will sit and make a conversation
where the end will talk with sense
to a man who's been undone


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