Saturday, February 10, 2007

some where in between

little stories, i tell them on my
sloppy ambulations
but if you don't mind walking
through these farm boy muddy fields
we can weave a way
from here to there

come take my arm, and
no, i'm not your dark eyed hero
i rather mystifying magicks
to the humdrum tricks you turn
bouncing at the bus stop
grin-eyed and full of offering
taking jelly beans from the catholic boys

watch the steps come below us
and follow in their muddy twists
they'll lead us to a backyard salvation
plaster saints, pink flamingos
mirrored balls for our reflection
silvery window to the past

this path is laughing like a trickster
will grab your feet and hold them planted
in its spooked up garden, ghostey
yammering can freeze a careless fella
another weed unwanted
making clutter some where in between


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