Tuesday, June 05, 2007

John from Cincinnati, HBO, 6/10/2007 Debut

Strange days, they are a-comin'. And from that fun factory of strange days HBO, of course. John, whom the Cincinnati Post doubts is really from Cincinnati, is set to enter the lives of a California surfing family. California's my adopted state, and I can say unequivocally that he couldn't have found a better place to relocate. Magical, ethereal, mystical? Just one more among the many.

The talk flying around is that HBO has very high hopes for this series. Think Sopranos - gone. Six Feet Under - dim memory. Deadwood - oops. The LA Times, whose resources far exceed my own, cites the following interaction with John's driving force David Milch:

"During a break on the set, Milch was asked to boil down the premise of the series. His 20-minute response touched on German philosophy, 9/11 and physics. At some level, he said, the show is about his own sense that all matter "organic and inorganic" is part of a single energy source. "The idea of the separate identity of each individual is an illusion," he said. Nunn agreed. "The wonderful thing we hope people would see is the connectedness of these people. In fact, we're all part of the same organism at some level."

Fans, you needn't feel compelled to comment on this blah-blah-blah. We can let its density delight as is. John is played by Austin Nichols, that little workaholic from Deadwood, Surface, Pasadena and much more. The noir-lite surfer family is composed of Bruce Greenwood, Rebecca De Mornay and Brian Van Holt. Busy actors all, with extensive resumes.

Head over to HBO for the trailers - they're tantalizing, as trailers should be. Then assemble your pizza and beer for the Sunday, 6/10/2007 event. It'll follow The Sopranos at 10:00 pm. Be there or be square, devoted readers.


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