Friday, October 27, 2006


old benjy's got my fancy, cause he winks a sly old dog, likes
his girls in pretty dresses, bows and ribbons if they will, he'll
warm some whiskey for sweet sally, rum and cola for jimmy-sue

has a cellar full of chardonnay, for he knows of life's temptations,
has learned the dollar's nifty song, found that patience brings
a day's reward; old benjy's got my fancy, and i watch his wary

prowls, follow footsteps neath dark windows, ask the jaybirds
for his scent, he likes his girls in frocks of yellow, maybe tied
around the neck, takes perfumes from lord and taylor, his

account is always full, i've a flare for his wild roamings, he's
taught me ways i'd never known, i've surprises for my benjy
a jolly cup for hard earned fame, he'll be a fabulous addition

when he finally learns my name


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