Thursday, December 14, 2006

sitting at God's feet

sitting at God's feet incurs
certain sartorial considerations
if i'm to gain the favors
that will ease this change of day
thrones of gold would certainly
fashion statements uninspired
how many steps to rome?
paris brings its costs to bear
but swings a mighty balance
with a culinary obliging
beyond compare

can i be a consort
to an angel?
can they appreciate my rather earthly
and is it proper to appreciate
a cherub in return?
every court flows on
with regulations
heralds and trumpets
delicate refineries
make fair this path to absolution

will i blanche
at certain undiluted gossips?
where truth alone be told
is there room
in the fields of heaven
for a man who's loved
and failed
given over to caresses
and the bruises they entail
can a voice without devotion
find a place in some new choir
will He appreciate armani
sitting at His feet
and offer me a chair?


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