Wednesday, February 21, 2007

my 2nd post for the day, following this, is a new piece. dance the blues has been previously offered for your confusion. i'm hoping that a reread will bring some understanding to . . .

dance the blues

these are goodbyes i've never faced, i've been lost
down twisted ways, making steps in alleys, mixing
whiskey in a paper cup, and always wondered

if you'd dance the blues, keep these two feet from
another wrong move, i've a weakness come all sudden,
got a tremble made me weary; now i know the face

of darkness, the taste of my day to come, and i'm
full up of reminisces, longing for a yester day gone
dim, so will you dance my blues, hold my head

when light goes stray; i've made my fall from grace,
left my honor somewhere out beyond, in the black
between the trees, sleeping on those summer flowers

made my fall from pride, stealing like some thief
and i never understood the why of love, the how
of love, they mysteried me life long, only knew

the fierce of love, that wrapped me like a strangeness;
there are goodbyes made when i was young, please hold
my head, even if you're hard with anger, for i can

release you


here, at the end


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