Wednesday, June 06, 2007

what do we need ? no. 3
the devil that i know

that devil man's come sniffing, flairing
floating on some spicy smokes, and you know
he was full of caterwauling, in the old days
but he's found you, sorceled you
and he's gone quiet, he's gone smooth
you are a morsel, a tender supper
making dreams, living in your passions

i'll sit here, laughing at these little
comforts, singing country rock n roll
cause you like good whiskey, and i
like dark, twisty shadows, drummy rhythms
and i like faded days, with a watery sun
so i'll diddle here, toss my shoes and listen

that devil man's come grinning, and he's
got a red old tongue, salty may be hungry
yes, you are a picnic, eager when the
mid night's old, swimming sweat
asking for the rawsome stuff that
binds you to that bed

and lordy, all these mirrors, all these
faces, do i know them? have i left some kisses
they can't be strangers, not every one, but
day it brings no ease, it brings no shelter
listen while i beat the blues, sipping tears
my backyard rum, it makes me strong

this chair is full up in memories, it
held my daddy when he passed, it creaked
while granny nursed her bastard boy,
it binds me with a past that will not rest
that locks my doors keeps these feet bare
and now that devil man's come home


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